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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I was little there were so SOOOOOOOOO many honeybees where I grew up in Ohio. So many that once, when running barefoot with my siblings from our yard to the neighbor's yard, the bottom of my foot was painfully stung. After that I'd look along as I'd go in making my way barefoot across fields of clover.

The bees I mostly saw there were golden and fuzzy, like this!

Photo courtesy of Isolino

Now all I see are these smoother orangish-brown bees. And of course it's a rare find seeing a bee. I think I've seen only three or four so far this season:

According to this Wikipedia article, all bees in America are not native (I did not know!) and have been brought here from Europe.

I feel very taken by the plight of the honeybees in America right now, with their numbers having declined. My given name means "bee" or "honey" in Greek. There's a lovely chapter in the Qur'an called Surah An-Nahl, or The Bee (or The HoneyBee), describing how all things of the natural world - like the seas, stars, mountains - are proof of God and his power. The chapter goes quite into detail about bees.

Although I'm not a bee scientist :) my opinion is that nature's balance is being harmed by pesticides as well as the larger environmental issues. I think many things combined are contributing to the imbalance of the honeybee population here. I wonder if more "organic" areas have more bees.


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