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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magazine Article

Today I went to the grocery store; saw Mother Earth News and flipped through it. There was an article about building your own home for $10K. That seems a little unrealistic, but even if we spent $50k and built our own home, we'd have a really unique and special home.

I've seen articles like these before, and end up buying the magazine for them because it starts me to dream. I would really love to build a home one day that has tons of charming personality. I'm trying to start learning with this house we're in. It doesn't have a lot of unique features, but I can make the outside nice, and we can do a few things in the inside to give this home a little TLC. It had been empty for so long before we got it.

Today I bought some organic flour in preparation to start making "the mother" sourdough starter for the bread recipe that was in the Mary Jane Farm magazine this month.


liggy girl

I used to have a subscription to that mag and loved it, sometimes a lil out there for moi, but all in all love it. I just got a thing in the mail to re-subscribe guess after reading this I should.

The house thing is crazy but oh so dreamy!

hmmm love MJF!:)

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