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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Bread Bust

Well the first attempt at making Mary Jane's sourdough bread was a bust. I don't know what the problem was exactly. So I posted on the forum for any tips.

I'll try again if I can figure out what went wrong. The baking powder might have been old. I have no idea how baking powder works in recipes so I have to look into that.

My birthday was yesterday. All I wanted was prayers from my family for my good health.

I was in a cleaning mode today. Very busy and made me happy. I need to work on getting seeds for spring. Time to plant soon. Also trying to plan out my garden. I'm thinking this year it's going to be quite haphazard, but I'll try to make it as nice as possible. It's our first year for this garden in our yard, and also we've got limited funds. I just want to prevent the animals from chomping our veggies.


Thistle Cove Farm

Belated Happy Birthday; with the hopes and prayers God will bless you with many years of good health and happiness.


Happy belated birthday!! It was exciting to garden in our yard for the first time four years ago. The first two years the animals left it alone, the last two it has been the neighborhood smorgosboard!! :)


can you contact me,I'd like to help you with your garden.
contact me through the profile on my blog please.

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