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Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Planting

Getting a little late in the season, but I had to do some more planting today. None of the watermelons grew (well we see only one plant coming up) and none of the sugar pumpkins. It's too bad. I planted pumpkins once again, but maybe the seeds are old/bad. I had no more watermelon seeds, and planted these heirloom melons instead.

I also put in nasturtiums in between some of the rows (we have lots of bunnies around here). My husband's first planting of corn was dug up by squirrels; he put them in on a different side and now they're not being bothered; hope to have some sweet corn this August.


Put in two peony roots in the front and some marigolds (from seed) along the side of the walkway. Also put in low-rise sunflower bush from seeds.

Planted rows of different types of sunflowers in the back, close to the corn, and also put in a variety of bulbs along the semi-shady area of the house.

I think we're done putting things in for the season, now we just wait for everything to grow!


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