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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magazine Article

Today I went to the grocery store; saw Mother Earth News and flipped through it. There was an article about building your own home for $10K. That seems a little unrealistic, but even if we spent $50k and built our own home, we'd have a really unique and special home.

I've seen articles like these before, and end up buying the magazine for them because it starts me to dream. I would really love to build a home one day that has tons of charming personality. I'm trying to start learning with this house we're in. It doesn't have a lot of unique features, but I can make the outside nice, and we can do a few things in the inside to give this home a little TLC. It had been empty for so long before we got it.

Today I bought some organic flour in preparation to start making "the mother" sourdough starter for the bread recipe that was in the Mary Jane Farm magazine this month.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Welcome to my farm blog! I have a dream to own a little farm. I plan to use this space to collect my thoughts, ideas and plans on getting that little farm!

I'm from the country in Ohio, but until recently have lived in the Northern Va suburbs since I left college. I'm older now and starting to naturally slow down a bit and am craving a simpler life with fresh country air, animals, and growing my own vegetables and flowers.

We've recently moved to Pa, and own a home here with a nice yard. I'll be using some of the backyard to learn more about gardening this year. We can't have chickens, sheep, cattle or horses here :) but getting started with growing fruits, vegetables and flowers will keep me busy enough for now.

My sister in Ohio has a farm, full of alpacas and dogs and nice land. She's very fortunate she has all that. I never thought I'd like to have the lifestyle she has but here I am. My husband would like it too. He'd be great at it.

More to come!

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