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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Put in Herbs from Friends

I finished putting in the larger pots of herbs my friends gave me last weekend. Three large pots of lemongrass, lemon balm and American mint. My daughter came out later and said "Wow - our herb garden looks so...herb-garden-y".

Finished putting all the cactus plants and other houseplants outside. I hope they like it and grow nicely.

Remaining to do: repot my two remaining orchids. The one only has a couple of leaves and might not make it. The other is very strong. Neither have flowered since the first time (as usual with all my orchids.) I'm thinking a new mixture of fresh soil, and some regular attention might cheer them up. We moved many times over the years and I've lost so many due to a variety of reasons. I hope they like their new home now, settle and grow and flower. :)

Repotted also was my Elephant's Foot palm (pony tail palm) - it's been "bonsai'd" in this little blue container for years and years. I rarely water the thing and it's taken all of our moves and temperature changes without problem. If it dried too much I just trimmed back the leaves and watered it nicely. It's now got a new home in this pot and it looks happy. I can't water it too much so I'll be watching it to make sure that doesn't happen. Anyway I didn't know how huge they could get!


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