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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

It's been raining nearly daily for two weeks now. Just a couple of days of nice weather then it started up again.

Vegetable Garden: Yesterday my husband weeded the vegetable garden, and I worked on the herbs and flowers. We're also learning little by little what seeds to put in the ground when. We are still pretty new at this and just expect everything to come up whenever we put it in the ground. Haha Newbie gardeners here, yep. So we'll be planting our brussels sprouts, spinach, more carrots, leeks, cauliflower and some other late fall/wintery harvest veggies later in the season. We're learning!

Herb Garden: My german chamomile did not come up. :( So I have more seeds ready to plant. If they don't come up this time around I won't try again until next year. Yesterday my husband harvested some cilantro to put in the shrimp fried rice I made. It's still not fully grown but the flavor was strong and good.

Our herb garden - the bare spots are where the herbs I planted did not make it. Chamomile, sweet basil, oregano, italian parsley and lavender didn't make it. Bad seeds? Not sure. There's a bit of shade from the nearby tree in the afternoon - I wonder if that's problematic?

Flower Garden: Wildflowers and other mixes of seeds planted last month are coming up nicely, but slowly, since there's not been much sun. I have some seeds from Burpee that is a mailbox/lampost mix. I'm not sure if it's too late to put them in or not but I'm going to try. I put in thumbergia and morning glory and wow are they slow to grow. Also most peoples' clematis are growing strong and flowering now. The one I put in is still a little vine. I guess I'll have to wait and see what it does next year.


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